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Walt Whitman Middle School is located in East Flatbush Brooklyn. The current enrollment is 467 students. City data (2014), states that 54.5% of the school population are foreign-born students. The ethnic distribution of the school population is comprised of African Americans, West Indians, Hispanics, Africans and Arabs. The school’s mission statement affirms that at “Walt Whitman Middle School our mission is to create an environment that emphasizes academic excellence and fosters lifelong learning. We will accomplish our mission by attending to students ' social, emotional and psychological needs, and tapping into their intellectual and creative potential. With an emphasis on instruction that is technology based and grounded in…show more content…
It is used as a tool for empowerment, is a guide for accountability. Walt Whitman Junior High School incorporates shared values and vision wherein they see learning as a lifelong process, that all children can learn, and also that education is a shared responsibility among the school, child, family, and community (, 2016). Huffman, B. (2001), states that incorporating all dimensions of the professional learning community is important for student success. Walt Whitman Junior High School’s Mission Statement embodies all aspects of the learning process as stated on (, 2016). The philosophies and goals are that learning is a lifelong process, all children can learn, education is a shared responsibility among the schools, the child, the family and the community. It is also documented that all students are entitled to a safe, supportive learning environment. The school has a diverse population so students are taught to appreciate, respect and tolerate cultural differences. My Mission Statement The Mission is to create a nurturing environment that recognizes diversity in schools and the community. The ultimate goal is to utilize parental support, community-based programs, skilled and talented staff that would empower students to excel. The collaborative efforts of teachers, administrators, and parents are imperative to the success of the program. Accountability,

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