Analysis Of Walt Whitman 's I Hear America Poem

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If I’m to be honest, this school year has been very enjoyable, much more than any of my previous classes. We’ve gone through so much as a class, had many assignments along the way–some that I enjoyed, while others not so much. We rewrote the Declaration of Independence, Walt Whitman 's I Hear America poem, and argumentative essays, like out The Raven analysis. We also gave speeches– that was the hardest for me, in my previous English classes, none of them made me go in front of the class and present–, made infograph, and even a multigenre project. We also can’t forget the books we’ve read in class, like poems from Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Edgar Allan Poe, and novels from F. Scott Fitzgerald, and we can’t forget novella like Of Mice and Men or short stories that we read in our English textbook. All of these things have tested my ability to better improve myself or inform me on where I struggle with so I can improve in many categories such as being a speaker, reader, writer, and listener.

The presentations we’ve done have improved my position as a speaker and listener. As I said before, my previous English classes never had me present. The only presentation I ever did in my previous years in Anaheim High School were in my single semester computer course. Other than that, none of the classes that I remember having made me present in any shape way or form that’s why the presentation have really improved my skills as a speaker. The first time we had to create a…
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