Analysis Of Walt Whitman 's Life

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Walt Whitman could be seen as a narcissist because of his confidence in knowing the “ways” of the world. He is confident in his theory that the physical self and the emotional self, or the soul, are equals in all aspects. But I’m unsure if this is such a bad thing, as narcissism has negative connotations. On the other hand, the object of a visionary poet is not to sway people a certain way or impress them but to be able to reveal a moment or feeling in time and share their findings, which Walt does. Through his work he isn’t saying look at me and all I know. He is sharing his self-discovery and soul searching with the reader to show how magical it can be. He shares his uncertainties, what it’s like to love and what it’s like to be at peace…show more content…
For the Rosicky’s a dry summer could mean dead crops and for the men a strong storm could mean lost lives. The Rosicky’s and the men use the same method to keep each other alive. Each individual has an independent role amongst the farm that is done for the success of the greater whole. On the boat, each of the mean had a specific duty. The captain gives directions, the cook works on bailing water and the correspondent and the oiler take turns rowing. The realization of both groups that they need to group to survive makes their method of survival similar. “A seat in this boat was not unlike a seat upon a jumpy horse, and a horse is not much smaller. The boat was much like an animal. As each wave came, and she rose for it, she seemed like a horse leaping over a high fence. The manner of her ride over these walls of water is a thing of mystery. Each wave required a new leap, and a leap from the air. Then jumping and slipping and racing and dropping down, she steadied for the next threat.” This passage’s personification of the boat gives quite an uneasy feeling. When I think of a jumpy horse I think of a massive and erratic creature. Their behavior is unpredictable. This is the feeling that the men are getting from the sea. Every wave seems to be a complete surprise for the boat; she is never fully prepared when it comes. This outside force is causing their boat to become uneasy
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