Analysis Of Walt 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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Katherine Harner
Professor Scheinuck
Art 160
1 December 2014
It Was All Started With A Boy
“…it was all started by a mouse” (Smith 41). But it actually all started with a boy. On December 5th, 1901, in Chicago, Illinois. Father, Elias Disney, and mother, Flora Call Disney, had a son that they named, Walter Elias Disney. He was one of five children, three boys; Herbert, Raymond, and Roy, and one girl, Ruth. After the birth of Walt, the family moved to Marceline, Missouri where they had a farm. Walt first got his inspirations of drawing through the environment around him. Being wrapped around animals and the nature aspects on a farm, it gave Walt at the early age of seven inspiration to create these small sketches of animals and nature that he also sold to nearby neighbors. Little did he know that the rural exposure would be a great influence to him for his amazing career ahead.
Walt continued his early life with his family by moving to Kansas City, where he picked up a talent for acting and performing. Walt also took a great interest in acting and performing that he would sneak out of the house at night to perform comedy skits at a local theater. Later Walt and the family finally settled back in Chicago, where Walt attended both McKinley High School and the Academy of Fine Arts at night to build upon his abilities in drawing. In 1918, he joined the Red Cross and was sent overseas to France, spending nine months driving an ambulance for Red Cross officials. Being the…
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