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Katherine Harner Professor Scheinuck Art 160 1 December 2014 It Was All Started With A Boy “…it was all started by a mouse” (Smith 41). But it actually all started with a boy. On December 5th, 1901, in Chicago, Illinois. Father, Elias Disney, and mother, Flora Call Disney, had a son that they named, Walter Elias Disney. He was one of five children, three boys; Herbert, Raymond, and Roy, and one girl, Ruth. After the birth of Walt, the family moved to Marceline, Missouri where they had a farm. Walt first got his inspirations of drawing through the environment around him. Being wrapped around animals and the nature aspects on a farm, it gave Walt at the early age of seven inspiration to create these small sketches of animals and nature that…show more content…
After returning from his service in France, Walt pursued a career in commercial art instead of getting a high school diploma, leading to his experiments in animation. He first worked for Pesman-Rubin Commercial Art Studio where he was designing letterhead and advertisements. After getting laid off, he found another job at the Kansas City Film Ad Company, where he was educated about animation, producing advertisements prior the movies would begin. He later departed the Film Ad Company in May 1922 with confidence in starting Laugh-O-Gram Films, where he created Alice’s Wonderland. Later, making a series of these films, known, as the Alice Comedies. Walt’s company last for one year and a half and went bankrupt in July 1923. Unlike most people, Walt Disney didn’t give up. Instead, he left Kansas City and headed to Hollywood. At this point, Walt was completely broke. All he had was a loan of $500 from his uncle and his faithful brother, Roy, by his side. With faith, Walt and Roy started the Disney Brothers Studio. They were able to attain a distributor of New York to release the Alice Comedies, which became a high success with popularity. Soon after, it led to the growth in Disney’s staff members along with a brand new studio. In 1927, the New York distributor, Charles Mintz, who had hired all of Disney’s animators, refused a contract to have Walt as his worker and Universal Studios owning
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