Analysis Of Warren Bennis ' On Becoming A Leader

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Warren Bennis’ novel, On Becoming a Leader, is the book I was able to read. Bennis worked years on this novel constructing it off of one of his former creations. Finally, in Cambridge, Ma Bennis published his story by Perseus publishing. Throughout this book he centers around the search to understand exactly how leaders are made. Bennis uses a unique approach to portraying his opinion. This is not an ordinary “how to” book on becoming a leader. Nor is it an autobiography of one’s personal experience. Bennis was a teacher and student all his life, he has never run a country or even a company. Bennis is not directly reciting his own experiences as a leader. This paper outlines Bennis’ basic thoughts, theories, and his contributions to the field of leadership.
Bennis recognizes a handful of traits one could find in a leader throughout his story. In its ten chapters, However, he stresses that one is not born with these traits. Becoming a leader comes with obstacles and isn’t easy to obtain in one day. He even goes on to acknowledge that being a manager or a leader has many differences. Leaders come from knowing yourself, the world, accepting failure, operating on instinct and finally getting people on your side.
Bennis acknowledges that one should be their very own best teacher. This can be our hardest task to encounter. It is our job to accept responsibility and learn anything that is given to us. He also mentions one should really get to know one’s very own personal
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