Analysis Of Waste By Wendell Berry

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“Waste” is a short essay in which Wendell Berry critically analyzes the growing epidemic of trash that is polluting the nation’s land, waterways, and the air. Berry explains to the readers how the remnants of floods and litter that leave farmlands scattered with trash, makes more work for the farmers who have to rid their land of the trash before they can use it. Along with the floods, roads and highways also lead to a barrage of garbage from people who are too lazy or ignorant to take proper care of their garbage, which Berry claims leads to “. . . a constant precipitation of cans, bottles, the plastic-ware containers of fast food joints, soiled plastic diapers, and sometimes whole bags of garbage,” (Waste 1) along the edges of their fields. The garbage of the country continues to be a burden for everyone, whether it impacts them directly or not. Although it would be impossible to eliminate garbage completely from the country, the waste could be greatly reduced. Most of today’s trash is a consequence of the laziness of American society.
Berry describes Americans as “human trash” and “unwilling victims” because Americans as a whole cannot provide for themselves. I’d like to disagree, but no matter how self-sufficient we are, Americans survive on plastic containers. We as Americans will always need to purchase food that the producers wrap in these toxic plastic containers or wrappers that many people can’t even be bothered to dispose of properly. The least we could do is to

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