Analysis Of `` We Read You Know We Are Not Alone ' Essay

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C.L Lewis once said, “We read to know we are not alone” (Web). Literature of all genres was designed to transport readers worlds and stories different from their own. These stories allow the reader to go on adventures, discover a time long since passed and have a chance to fulfill dreams from the safety of pages in a book. Many stories have similarities in the core story take Danielle Steel’s No Greater Love and Maxine Shore’s The Captive Princess for example. They both follow a young girl catapulted into a new way of life by tragic circumstances spanning several years, yet it is the different approaches to that the author took to tell that narrative that makes each story unique to their genre. There is an inherited relationship between the narrative structure, genre convention, and the character development that, when executed correctly, work seamlessly together to orchestrate a story that is compelling, engaging, feasible within the created world while presenting their plot in a coherent format. This essay will explore this delicate relationship within two different novels by delving into the two the narratives themselves and dissecting the narratives from the inside out to discover what aspects of the narrative structure, genre convention compliance, character development of the protagonist and the antagonist, as well as prevalent themes are similar between these two novels, their distinct differences, and how these approaches work.
Conflict, crisis, and resolution are

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