Analysis Of Wells Fargo & Company

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Introduction Knowledge is considered as one of the most important and competitive resource for sustenance of the organisation (Zack, 1999). It can be compared to the strategic resource that can be used and applied in various frames of the organisation. Experienced managers in the organisations believe that company can receive strategic advantage through knowledge and not the strategies or actions implemented by competitors. Knowledge can be regarded as a strong approach that opens numerous ways of success. It is that weapon that help organisation to evaluate solutions in financial and other professional difficulties. It can also be seen that organisations are investing heavily on knowledge development. Imparting Training and development, skill development and technical education have become priority for the organisations especially for newly recruited individuals (Zack, 1999). It is also observed that organisations are receiving appreciable returns through implementation of knowledge strategies. Thus, Wells Fargos is analysed on the basis of knowledge based strategy implemented in the organisation and benefits received from the strategy. Wells Fargos’: Knowledge as Competitive Advantage Wells Fargo & Company is an American multinational operating in banking and financial services, headquartered in San Francisco. Known as fourth largest bank in United States of America, Wells Fargo has created benchmark in bank deposits, home mortgage servicing and debit cards. The company
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