What Nature Suffers To Groe Chapter Summary

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“What Nature Suffers to Groe” by Mart A. Stewart is a historical nonfiction book that describes the geography, nature, and hardships of the life and landscape in the colony of Georgia when it was first settled.
Chapter one, titled “The Georgia Plan” describes how Georgia was colonized so those in the overcrowded debtor’s prisons in England had a place to go and work. Chapter one also talks about the influence of the Native Americans in Georgia the Spanish around them. Chapter two, “The Inhabited Landscape”, outlines the various techniques the settlers used for farming and growing food and their failures along the way. Chapter two also tells about the settler’s disappointment in the land because it was not the type of soil or climate they
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Stewart writes, “A fundamental argument of this book is that planters used the environment and appropriated knowledge about it to reinforce their own class interests, and that slaves created counterstrategies to promote their own interests” (Stewart xii). This book proves that without slavery, the Georgia settlers could not have succeeded. They also used slavery to reinforce class systems. Even though slaves had more knowledge on the subject matter, they were not allowed to live as well as the settlers and were treated as lower than the others. Chapter three goes into detail about slavery and how the Georgia coast thrived due to slave help.
There are a few reasons why Stewart decided to write this detailed book on Georgia’s coastal history. One reason he wrote this, he says, “…put us in touch with the warm-blooded people around us while studying the dead ones behind us…” (Stewart xvii). We have to look into our country’s past and the people who lived during that time to see how we have been influenced by them. This book is a way for readers to connect with people from the past.
Next, he adds, “The Georgia low country had such a long and deep agricultural history…” (Stewart xvii). In school, teachers do not go into much detail regarding the agricultural history of coastal Georgia. It is often overlooked, even though it is one of the main reasons that Georgia was settled and a large part of Georgia’s history. He
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