Analysis Of ' What The Fuck? Who Are You?

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"Dean. DEAN!" My voice croaks as tears beg to be released. The anguish lingering inside forces me up from my kneeled position and propels me forward towards the bedside where he, and the woman he 's with, remain blissfully asleep and unaware of mine or Amy 's presence. "DEAN! How could you!?" I rip the duvet off from them, revealing their naked bodies. Their entangled limbs make it all too real, which in turn creates a deep sickness to set in. ”What the fuck? Who are you?" The woman stirs, but I pay no attention. "Who the fuck are you more to the point!" Amy yells from behind and storms over to the woman. Despite the ensued arguing between them both, I fail to take any notice, instead my thoughts wander to all the things Dean and I had planned. Our future. Everything. With my weakened muscles and throbbing heart, I stare hopelessly at his bare skin wondering why? Why would he do this to me? He promised me he would repay the faith I invested in him, and this is what I get? Mexico, the business ideas, the money, everything... it 's all gone. I 'm left more lost and alone now than ever before, and there 's nothing I can do to about it. How could he willingly allow this to happen? Dazed from the barrage of intense emotions, Dean 's eyelid twitches causing my sadness to be replaced with anger. Before I get the chance to say or do anything, he awakens fully with bulging eyes. "What the hell is going on here? Why am I naked?!" He speedily sits up and grabs his boxers from the

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