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Analysis of, “What Will the World Speak in 2115.” Keren Gaona The University of Texas at El Paso Global Business 3304 May 19, 2016 Imagine a world in which we all shared a single universal language. Having a universal language would open the doors to many opportunities. John McWhorter in the article, “What the World Will Speak in 2115”, speculates that by the year 2115 English will become the language understood by most of the world. Additionally, as we travel in time, one hundred years from now, small languages that are spoken today will become extinct. Subsequently, the few languages that will survived, would have evolved into simplified versions making them much easier to learn. English is one of the languages that will withstand the test of time because of its strong presents in the world today. A universal language does not mean the demolition of the diversity of cultures that we observe today, it simply means that English will be a middle ground among the nations. The English language is already the most popular language in the world, accompanied by each person’s native language. Also, Compared to other languages it English is relatively easy to learn. According to Neeley, “English is the fastest -spreading language in human history and is used by an estimate 1.27 billion people globally.” It may come as a surprise that English would be the one to dominate, given that Mandarin Chinese is spoken by the largest population in the world. It is very
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