Analysis Of ' Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been '

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Joyce Oats short story, “ Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been,” is a great read on many different levels. Oats displays the effects of youthfulness in a teenage girl named Connie. The story is a gripping story that unveils the weakness of a teenage girl. Connie could hardly validate fantasy from reality. She delights herself as a beautiful girl who understands the basic mores of life. Her need for boys attention makes her pride herself as a shinning example of beauty. Connie finds desire in her sexuality, listening to music and daydreaming her ideas into fantasies. Connie’s major dilemma in the story is Arnold Friend, which we will explore later. The importance’s of the music in this short story is pronounce, because I feel that music sets the mood for important events, that Connie deals with. The premise that flows through this story is that music is connected to the real world and weaves through Connie 's dream world. Connie is very much like many teenagers in our society today. Connie found joy in leaving and hanging out with her friends at drive-in restaurants, listening to music and daydreaming about boys. “The restaurant was shaped like a big bottle, though squatter than a real bottle, and on its cap was a revolving figure of a grinning boy holding a hamburger aloft”(370). Overall her pleasure, she discovered in both of these things had zero to do with Andrews 2 real events, but is based on a fantasy. Music itself has a huge impact
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