Analysis Of Whittaker 's Peanut Slab Essay

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Whittaker’s peanut slab is a quality product however a lack of awareness is leading to low sales. This was the original chocolate bar that Whittaker’s bought out so they have decided to keep the old-fashioned look, this gives the product an original authentic look. BENEFITS OF THE CURRENT PACKAGING GOLD WRAPPING BLACK OUTLINE - Expensive - Elegance - Luxurious - Sophistication - High quality (Duncan. Y, 2014) The current packaging is highly beneficial to the appeal of our product and gives the perception to our customers that they are buying a high quality chocolate bar. Whittaker’s is a proud New Zealand brand and the whole production of the chocolate is completed in New Zealand. New Zealand is known for their quality products and have similar legislation in place to Australia, which makes sure their products are held to a high standard (Austrade,2016). For our target market, goods made in New Zealand are perceived as being of a higher quality then goods produced in Asia and Africa (Austrade ,2016). Benefits of displaying country of origin - Let’s customers make informed choices about what they buy - Customer loyalty - Consumers like to support their home and neighbouring countries (Sticky Labels, 2016) To increase the perception that our consumers are buying a quality product we will add a New Zealand flag to our Whittaker’s chocolate bar. This will encourage our target market to trial the product because they can trust where the product has come from.

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