Analysis Of Whittier Narrows Nature Center

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Whittier Narrows Nature Center Conservation of our natural environment is of vital importance. Now, people should preserve nature and protect it. In addition, it is imperative to realize that, the survival of humanity and many creatures depends mainly on the state of the environment around us. As matter of fact, science place a relevant part in the conservation of the planet. Moreover, Physical geography is the study of all natural forms and processes in an environment, also, the field covers the cause and effect of human activity on the environment. “Geographers study the location and distribution of things-tangible things such as rainfall, mountains, and trees" (Hess, Darrel, Physical Geography, Third California Edition) For this reason, I decided to visit The Whittier Narrows Center. It is one of the many centers that have been established in US to conserve the most crucial asset that human beings possess, the environment. Those who study geography realize that it is important to conduct a thorough study on the center and its activities to identify what makes it such a unique site. This project is providing an insight of the center by describing its natural settings per Physical Geography. The paper will focus on the center’s location, geographical settings, weather, climate, plants and trees, soils, wildlife, terrain, local history and a site map. The Whittier Narrows Nature Center is located at 1000 Durfee Road South El Monte, Ca 91733. Its coordinates are

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