Analysis Of Who Counts As Them By Mich�le Lamont

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Michèle Lamont wrote the article “Who Counts as Them?” which talks about racism in France and the United States. In this article, Lamont talks about how racism can be seen through the same hole in both countries. The main purpose of the article is to explain that both the United States (US) and France claim to be non racist and to be leaders for other countries, yet France and the US are both high on the racism charts. Lamont did her research with interview surveys with people both from France and the US. Lamont had strong points that I agree with and have seen, but there were several things that I may not agree with. A conclusion being inaccurate means that the conclusion has not considered all aspects and is not looking at the bigger picture. I argue that Michèle Lamont’s conclusion that racism is more about self worth than color is inaccurate because the conclusion was based off of the examples which are from only one view, and the questions she asked which were not well connected to the main idea. Michèle Lamont used examples that are much too specific and very one sided. Her evidence consist of a white man named Tony Sansone, the US example, who claims that once the work shift ends black people will happily walk out planning to work for life while him, a white man, will stay and ask what else can be done. This is something that may exist in some work places; however, there are several flaws to this example. Such as how she wrote about Tony Sansone’s view, and none of the black workers, and the black workers for all we know could be going to another job. Lamont is taking advantage of using a one sided opinion in which may not be proven to be true. These black workers who are happy to do this work and leave early may have come earlier and did more work before Tony Sansone even came to work. Lamont also included in her example that Tony stated that the black workers are happy working as they are while Tony Sansone himself does not like the job, but how could Tony Sansone know how these men feel about their jobs. Black or white people can dislike the same things, and since he does not like his job surly others do not like the job. Tony Sansone is grouping all the black men together in his statement saying

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