Analysis Of Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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This scholarly article by Debra Blum attempts to legitimize the argument that athletes should be compensated for their hard work from the perspective of former Duke University player Dick DeVenzio. It describes his struggle in day to day life and shows that players need to receive compensation to survive. This source provides primary source evidence for my argument.

Dough Chung attempts to argue how much compensation college athletes should receive based on performance. This is the basis of my argument (the angle at which I am coming from). He begins by introducing the reader to the revenue of the NCAA and college/university from basketball and football After this, he goes into how much players should be paid (based on performance- I am not going to get into the details here, have to read the paper). But I relied heavily on this source to craft my
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Basically, the lawyers are arguing that college athletes are in fact employees and should be paid for their work under federal labor laws rather than just students. This source provides great examples of how compensation is legal (and it will most definitely be used in the paper and how it is illegal not to pay the athletes).

This article by Johnson and Acquaviva provides background information for college athlete compensation, the supporting argument that college athletes should be compensated, and the counterargument that college athletes should not receive compensation. This article also provides well detailed examples of each that will be used in the paper (heavy reliance on background info from here as well).

The article written by Miller shows both sides of the argument (my argument and the counterargument). The NCAA believes that if they start paying players it becomes harder on everyone and takes away the purpose of college. This source will mostly be used as counterargument (and take down of counterargument
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