Analysis Of Wild Wood Apartments, An Organization

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Analysis of Wild Wood Apartments
Wild Wood Apartments is an organization that owns over 20 different apartment complexes in different states. The fact that the each complex has numerous separate apartments, which are rented with a one year lease, means it is a big and busy organization. It is clear that the organization is likely to be facing many challenges since they are using a paper-based system and to some extent a traditional file system. In order to come up with an effective database system, it is good to address the challenges that the business is facing. It will also be appropriate to identify the business requirements while at the same time find the current limitations that the new database system will help in curbing. Furthermore, I will also discuss how the different departments are affected and how the overall business process is affected.
Challenges Facing the Business
Wild Wood Apartments employs tenants to be managers of each apartment complexes. All the records and billing is currently managed through paper work or a traditional file system, which means all the business processes involve manual recording and reporting of information and use of independent applications respectively. The documents are then submitted to the headquarters by mail. The information contained in the documents includes billing information, tenant’s information, and revenues, which should be kept safely. First, the managers face the challenge of recording and storage of the data into…
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