Analysis Of William Christopher Columbus 's ' Macbeth '

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“We see and understand things not as they are but as we are,” said Christopher Columbus. In the 1440’s on his voyage to America, Columbus saw three mermaids and described them as females who rose from the sea. Did Columbus imagine the mermaids or did he actually see them? Perception is the way one thinks or understands someone or something. It is the ability to understand, or to identify something easily using one of your senses. The ideas of successful and unsuccessful perception are explored in the play, Macbeth. In this play, Shakespeare develops the theme that successful perception is rewarded, while failed perception leads to suffering. This theme is effectively developed through the successful perception of Lady Macbeth, and the …show more content…

Another example of unsuccessful perception by Macbeth is seen in act 4 scene 1. “Be bloody, bold, and resolute. Laugh to scorn the power of man, for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth.” The quotation above is stated when Macbeth proceeds to the witches cavern a second time and demands answers to his questions about the future. The witches call upon their potion to answer his thoughts and questions. Their master then s answer Macbeth with apparitions.Thunder sounds and a vision of an armed head rises and tells Macbeth to beware of Macduff, the Thane of Fife. Thunder sounds and a second vision appears a bloody child. The vision tells him, "Be bloody, bold, and resolute; laugh to scorn The power of man, for none of woman born Shall harm Macbeth." Macbeth reasons that if none shall kill him, he should not fear Macduff. But just to be sure, and so that he might rest easy, Macbeth vows to kill Macduff anyway. This qoutation shows how Macbeth unsuccesfully percieves the meaning of the withces phrophicie which leads to his ultimate death because Macduff was not of women born he was yanked out of her womb.In this world that is called a c section. Time, thou anticipatest my dread exploits: The flighty purpose never is o 'ertook Unless the deed go with it; from this moment The very firstlings of my heart shall be The firstlings of my hand. And even now, To crown my thoughts with acts, be it thought and done:The castle of Macduff I will surprise; Seize upon Fife;

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