Analysis Of William Golding 's ' Lord Of The Flies '

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Matthew Berman Mrs. Lehn World Literature October 27, 2015 Why That Playground Bully Is Who He Is People change. People change depending on who they associate themselves with, what they enjoy doing, how they want to be viewed, and also and most relative in this situation, people change depending on the situation that they find themselves in and how the situations effects on them. In one of the greatest works of literature ever presented, Lord of the Flies written by William Golding, this change in people particularly through aggressive and violent behavior is ever-present throughout the text. The causes of aggression and or violent behavior in this case are a subject that is widely debated with different theories of causation supporting each side. Two of these sides presented can be seen in the articles ”A Bully’s Future, From Hard Life to Hard Time” written by Jane Brody, and “To Study Aggression, a Fight Club for Flies” written by James Gorman. The side most relative to the aggression and violence seen throughout Lord of the Flies is supported by the idea that aggression is mainly caused by personal and outside decisions and events, not by conditions predisposed for. Aggression and violence are not things that are forced upon oneself; they are quite simply determined by the factors of a persons life and how they are handled. It is not decided which kid on the playground will become that future bully that you want to stay away from before they even make it to this
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