Analysis Of William Golding 's Lord Of The Flies

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Hofert 1 Jordan Hofert Ms. Frangipane Study of Genre English 9 Block F 25 February 2016 The Power of Power A recurring theme among leaders in many societies today is that “absolute power corrupts absolutely” (John Acton, a 1700’s English Catholic historian, politician, and writer). In William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, this idea of leadership, power, and corruption is put in the spotlight. Jack, one of the boys on the island, forces his way into the leadership position without actually earning it. It is clear that Jack has become corrupt as he turns into a person who is intimidating, egotistical, and selfish. Ralph, on the other hand, is a quality leader under most conditions as he appeals to the boys’ sophisticated side and has a…show more content…
Meanwhile, Ralph values the group over himself, and wants everyone to have a say in any decisions made. Jack gets fed up with his lack of power, so he decides to try to become the leader. He asks if anyone wants to come with him, and says, “Hands up?’ said Jack strongly..... ‘How many think –’ His voice trailed off. The hands that held the conch shook. He cleared his throat, and spoke loudly. ‘All right then.’ …. The humiliating tears were running from the corner of each eye. ‘I’m not going to play any longer. Not with you’”(127). Jack acts like a little kid in this scene. This hunger for power demonstrated by Jack has made him corrupt, so much that he will not tolerate being with the others if he can’t be the leader. Jack tries to portray an image of manliness, but it is evident that it is not true when he starts crying. Qualities like this are why Jack is incapable of being the leader. Overall, Ralph is able to handle the power that he is given in a more mature way than Jack. Successful leaders will know where their strengths are best suited, whether it is leading smaller tasks or taking on larger responsibilities. As the leader of the choir, Jack had limited power, which satisfied everyone. Ralph pointed out that Jack was, “‘in charge of the choir.” So, “They can be what [he] want[s] them to be?” Jack chose, “Hunters”(23). He has control over a few of the boys, which gives him what he wants, power, but not too much. At the time everyone respected this idea of a
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