Analysis Of William Shakespeare 's ' Sonnet 1 '

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Unit 4 Journal C.S. Lewis, “Sonnet 1” (from Five Sonnets), pages 476-477 Shadow and Light This sonnet brings to mind the feelings one has when faced with fear or loss. Lewis puts it beautifully that we all grieve in different manners, but that our pain is the same. I feel that he makes a call for people to be more understanding of others. That just because someone does not show the same emotion as you, does not mean they do not feel. It means they feel in a different manner. Lewis also says, “we do not shout and shake our fists at God”(p 476), to me this shows a deeper understanding of life. We all can find someone or something to blame for problems or injustices in life, but until we learn to put the blame where it lies we are doomed to feelings of pain and loss. Samuel Johnson, excerpt from Prayers and Meditations, pages 25–27 Shadow and Light This selection is a bittersweet plea from Johnson to God. His wife, 20 years his senior, has passed and he is obviously stricken with grief. Johnson states, “Oh Lord, release me from my sorrow, fill me with just jopes, true faith, and holy consolations, and enable me to do my duty in that state of life to which Thou hast been pleased to call me, without disturbance from fruitless grief, or tumultuous imaginations;”. This speaks to his sorrow over the loss of his wife and his determination to continue on as is God’s plan for him. Johnson clearly was very much in love with his wife and even later states that he wishes to
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