Analysis Of Without Title By Diane Glancy

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Culture is a defining thing in every person’s life, and affects them and how they perceive the world. In the poem “Without Title,” the theme is that leaving behind one’s former way of life, culture, and family can lead to the loss of joy, identity, and joy in culture. In this poem by Diane Glancy, it has different ways of showing this loss of culture and identity. Without Title uses a lot of figurative language to show this. Line 14 says, “I remember the animal tracks of the car,”. This shows how the author knows the culture she used to have and recognizes that it is gone and there is no true part of her culture now. She calls car tracks, animal tracks, which is something she would have seen if she had gotten to stay with her people and family. These all have a wistful longing feel in the poem, one of sadness. In the final part of the poem it says, “The red buffalo painted on his chest. Oh, I couldn’t see it but it was there,” This can be a representation of the author’s father’s lost culture, how he still has it be he is not allowed to show it at all, so he just keeps it to himself. In both it shows all the father and the author have left of their culture, their memories, and physical reminders. It shows a loss of identity, and that they both miss it. When the author says her father, “brought home horns and hides,” it can also be representing any piece of his former culture that he tried to bring back into the home, but his wife says to “get rid of them.” The wife could say

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