Analysis Of Wong Kar Wai 's The Mood For Love

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Wong Kar-Wai’s visually stunning In the Mood for Love, is a 2000 film set in Hong Kong 1962. The two protagonists, Chow Mo-Wan, and Su Li-Zhen (Ms. Chan), become neighbors where they learn about the infidelity of their partners. Through their mutual betrayal, they begin to develop an intimate bond, but fear expressing it to avoid devaluation of their character. Wong is able to exhibit the love and perversity that circulate throughout the film with minimal physical affection and dialogue. Particular images play a strong role in broadening the viewer 's understanding of the film, because although Chow and Su remain moderately reserved, their relationship and emotions are palpable through the film 's aesthetic elements. The plot consists of…show more content…
Before Chow admits his feelings, the scene begins with him stating he wait with Su in the rain despite that she said they should not be near each other. Su only admits that they should not go inside together, but is silent when Chow still decides to wait suggesting that she desires his company, but simply struggles admitting so. There is a long moment of silence and stillness as the camera captures the two leaning on the building together, but only within a small portion of the shot. The other half of the image remains covered by a building. The blockage of the building reflects the difficulty the two are finding it to admit how they feel because similar to the building that emphasizes them towards the tight corner, the opinion of others and moral values are holding them back. In addition, the camera plays a role in making the two feel they have no room to explore their feelings. The camera observes the two from afar, peeking from around the corner similar to a spectator ready to judge on any wrong move they make. The image also captures both Chan and Chow from a distance as though they are irrelevant in the larger spectrum of things. By half of the image consisting of little openness on the street, whereas the other half is covered, it emphasizes how much room they feel the world is allowing them to explore their feelings, and therefore displays the trapped nature of their situation. After Chow admits his feelings, the scene concludes with Mrs.
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