Analysis Of Woodrow Wilson High School

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Life within a group that tends to be over looked or down played at times can be quite deadly. Throughout life, many different groups, categories, cultures, and identities will take the toll of action while one is responding either to you or about you. The film I analyzed is Freedom Writers, which is based on a dedicated teacher of the white or Caucasian ethnic group. White being the dominate group in America that tends to have many privileges, which the teacher Erin Gruwell took the notion to step up and develop a hurting school that used to be an A average educational institute. From the words of the head person in charge at Woodrow Wilson High School in Los Angeles, California was the principle that only could do so much to stop success…show more content…
Culture delivers the strategies for people’s interpretations of situations they come across and for the responses, they consider applicable. Social Structure, “the organized patterns of behavior among the basic components of a social system— establishes relatively predictable social relationships among the different peoples in a society” (Parrillo,2014). For example, the orientation between a minority group with the dominate group always has a set guideline how the other group should act or fit in with the dominate group. From the dominate group being so uptight and selfish of life, thinking everyone that is not made of their similar blood of ethnic group has to act a certain way in order to acquire a suitable life.

Discrimination, which is the “differential and unequal treatment of other groups of people, usually along racial, religious, or ethnic lines” (Parrillo, 2014). This action was played out many times through the film, by not only by student-to-student, but also by educational leaders and staff towards other faculty and students. For example, Mrs. Campbell, who was the principle that was just settling with the progress of the school at a low level of success. Then trying to dictate what should be taught and read within the classrooms. Mrs. Campbell was expressing all types of signs or prejudice and discrimination, by devaluing each student. She also believed that each at-risk student was incapable of learning based off her
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