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Frying Pan or Flying Man As a teenager working at a job for the first time, getting that first pay check seems like the greatest thing. It is something that has been worked for and earned, but could be a distraction from being able to accomplish great things in life. It could be a prevention from reaching great feet’s in one’s life or several people’s life’s. Sacrificing something diminutive in order to receive a lifetime of success is the main point Etzioni is trying to make in “Working at McDonald’s.” The struggle with work overload, and the low technical skills acquired at teen jobs are points that are hard to differ with. However, his generalization of…show more content…
It is what is learned at the job these young people undertake. The skills learned at these jobs are not necessarily valuable to highly technical jobs that require a college degree. “Closer examination, however, finds the McDonald’s kind of jobs highly educational in several ways” (Etzioni 935). He then goes on to talk about how a good deal of the work in these types of job are already set up in a structured way to where it leaves almost no need for problem solving by the employees “There is no room for initiative, creative, or even elementary rearrangements” (Etzioni 935). That being said, if a student is in a position where they must work while going to school, they in fact acquire skills that are very universal to even the highly technical jobs. Work ethic, and social skills are somewhat needed for any job. For example, if a young person just graduated with a Bachelors’ degree in mechanical engineering and has a job at NASA, but does not know how to work hard in the workplace, and does not know how to communicate then that young person could not be working there as long as they had hoped. Which then brings us to our last…show more content…
Some youth very well may not have intentions to attend college after high school or they do not hold college to the same standard as their peers. Moreover, saying the word “youth” and assuming youth are all students does not reflect reality. Youth can be in prison, can be millionaires, can be poor, cannot have parents, can have abusive parents, can have mental disabilities, can have physical disabilities, and the list goes on. Etzioni does compromise this strong stance in the last paragraph “Youngsters must learn to balance the quest for income with the needs to keep growing and pursue other endeavors that do not pay off instantly” (Etzioni 937). So here he is saying that in some cases young people are going to have jobs, and should learn to balance it with school work. He only says this in his conclusion, and could have been elaborated on this more in
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