Analysis Of ' Wrestling Words ' By Barry Yeoman

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Barry Yeoman in “Wrestling Words”, expresses the struggles of how stuttering becomes a setback in life. Stuttering may seem like an easy disability to overcome,but for those who struggle know the true devastating pain. Not being able to fit the cookie cutter perfect imagine of society not just physically,but also emotionally impacts stutters. Stuttering seems incurable,but organizations like the National Stuttering Project believe an end is reachable. Stuttering is not a life threatening disease,but a setback to thrive on. Stuttering is a disability that affects over two million of the adult population and can be obtained through genetics. This disability is not just getting stuck on certain words or saying like a few times in a sentence. The disability involves tripping on sounds and in severe cases not being able to verbalize what needs to be said. Yeomen uses an example of a man who could not find the words to ask the women he truly was in love with to marry him and ended up marrying the wrong women. Stuttering can change the lives of so many because they never learn to overcome that tragedy. Just imagine the emotional impact of not being able to verbalize true feelings.This disability shows signs of being linked to depression. Yeomen mentions how a classical subrian wife, Sally Butcher, would go throughout her daily life with a smile on her face and then at night dream of how stuttering made her want to kill herself. People who stutter feel that no one really…

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