Analysis Of Wuthering Heights And The Poisonwood Bible

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Simply turn on the TV, and on any news channel the viewer is sure to hear reports regarding some issue currently present in society. Most common are stories covering crime, violence, and political scandals. What does not receive as much publicity though, is the abuse and neglect inflicted on children across the country. In literature, characters that experience maltreatment as children tend to fit the “underdog” mold, for they are unable to stand against the wrongs dealt unto them until a later time or event when they are better suited to fight back; thereby gaining the reader’s sympathy and vote for eventual victory over their antagonist. In Wuthering Heights and The Poisonwood Bible, the victimized children lacked outside support from other members of their respective communities. The same does not have to be true in the U.S. Americans have the power to make a difference in the prevalence of child maltreatment, and understanding the issue is the first step. Research and awareness of child abuse and neglect has increased in the past few decades; however, children are still suffering in today’s society. The consequences of abuse and neglect affect a wide range of categories from health and physical development; to intellectual and cognitive development; to emotional and psychological development; and social and behavioral development. In many instances, more than one type of abuse or neglect is involved, resulting in

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