Analysis Of Xero Add Ons Providing Enterprise System Functionality

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Xero Add-ons Providing Enterprise System Functionality
What Are Enterprise Systems:-
Enterprise Systems (ES) are those application software packages which are used at large scale that are used for various purposes like supporting numerous processes of business, information flows and data analytics in numerous complex organizations. ES are generally packaged enterprise application software (PEAS) systems (Wikipedia, 2013). They can also be defined as, custom developed systems which are developed to assist in a specific organization need (Wikipedia, 2013).
Types of Enterprise Systems are as follows:
• enterprise resources planning systems,
• enterprise planning systems, and
Customer relationship management software.
There haven’t been as many suitable ERP options to available to small sized businesses in the past. These businesses simply didn’t have the funds or technical support to create the infrastructure necessary to adopt the traditional corporate scale ERP solutions (Wikipedia, 2013).
Therefore, developing businesses end up creating a fragmented business structure made up of several separate programs that handle finances, inventories, sales, payroll and more. However, recent technological advancements have opened the door to more practical small business solutions.

How Xero Add-ons Provide Enterprise System Benefits:-
Within a small company or start up, employees wear multiple hats. Everyone pitches in wherever and whenever the need arises (which is frequently). There

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