Analysis Of Yahoo 's Business Model Looming

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Like many other innovative companies, Yahoo has come to harsh reality that all businesses realize at some point. The market shapes the way we do businesses and in order to be successful in businesses we must make adjustments as necessary to stay relevant. In the case with Yahoo, some adjustments in their HR strategy are definitely warranted given the recent change in environment. Alignment of workforce with company goals With a strategic change to Yahoo’s business model looming, Sartain definitely needs to work on shifting the culture and workforce to match the new direction in which Yahoo is going. Yahoo needs a new vision and approach in how they develop their employees. Manager Training and…show more content…
This is a terrible hiring strategy and I am not surprised that Yahoo had to later layoff 12 percent of their workforce. They clearly hired more than what their company could support. It’s really sad because it could have been prevented if each position being posted was more closely evaluated. The position control process should include input and evaluation from finance and recruitment departments, and of course contain some form of justification or business case as to why this position is needed by the requesting manager. Possible Road Blocks Ahead Implementing a training and development program in a company could be quite a time consuming and costly task. It takes a great deal of planning and implementation. It might also be challenging in getting staff to support it and get onboard with the program. This might be countered by involving current management in the development of the training programs and giving them a say in the training classes offered since they should have a good idea where their opportunities lay. With my experience in hiring and position control, I can say that the benefit does outweigh the cons. I’m sure most managers will say it is much easier to hire someone than to fire someone. However, a con of a position control process is the extra time it takes since it usually involves multiple approvers and stringent evaluations.
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