Analysis Of Yes, A T-Shirt !

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So much goes on in the world each and every day, and so much can be recorded with new technologies. People can capture a fleeting moment with just the press of a button and instantly share that with people dispersed all across the globe. That’s the beauty of modern technology in a digital age where people are almost as excited about their experience as they are with sharing it and hoping that it gets lots of likes and attention. Social media is one of the most powerful tools in the modern world as something as simple as a photograph can create a reaction on a large scale. People can celebrate victories and mourn tragedies together as news and images spread like wildfire. It’s almost a more pure form of news as people are able to post and…show more content…
The photograph does not give the viewer much context in terms of where the image was captured or what is happening as the picture was taken. Lee Odell and Susan Katz discussed how a visual should be analyzed in, “Yes, a T-Shirt!”: Assessing Visual Composition in the “Writing” Class. They debate how with the emergence of visuals in compliance with writing, will change how people assess works and analyze the composer’s ability to communicate (Odell W201). The notion that the composer of either the writing or visual is trying to communicate something is very important in understanding the image of the twin towers. Because imagery should no longer just be considered something that is purely aesthetic. It needs to provoke sensory expressions to reveal cultural meaning to show how two planes not only brought down two buildings, but brought a proud and powerful nation to its knees. How the framework of a country, like the buildings, have been wounded. Lee Odell and Susan Katz explain visual rhetoric so that viewers can accurately understand what an image is attempting to communicate. The picture shows violence and displays world conflict, and is acting as a tribute to those who were lost and to the towers themselves for the purpose they served. The clear blue skies behind the buildings almost look serene and calming before the collapse of the tours, hinting that everything was calm before the storm. That no one would expect a terrorist attack on the United States home front. The image of the twin towers is visually powerful and was seen all over the world, it was reproduced and reprinted through various media outlets so that it could be seen by
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