Analysis Of Yin Yang Way Of Thinking

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Thy Nguyen PHIL-104 Sec 04 Asian Philosophy First Versions of Term Papers Yin-Yang way of Thinking Yin – yang is a Chinese philosophical way of embracing human thought which considers two dimensions including humanity, character, and situations in life. This philosophy emphasizes that two complementary forces exists in the universe that are mutually opposed to one another but still remain in unity. According to “Hegelian, Yi-Jing, and Buddhist Transformational Models for Comparative Philosophy”, it is believed that the two forces are dependent on another and are well balanced (Robert 6). This paper intends to explore the major aspects of yin-yang way of thinking, how it affects the Confucius and Lao Zi ways of viewing happenings in the universe and the application of this kind of thought to the contemporary society There are some unique characteristics that are associated with the yin-yang way of thinking. These characteristics include; a) Complementary: This kind of thinking believes that the two opposing or different forces complement one another. They depend on one another and there exists the mutual support. Without the existence of one force, the holistic state cannot be achieved either in humanity or the situations in the universe. For example, if there were no violence, the society could not understand the need for peace. b) Universal thought: The good and the bad co-exist in every situation in the universe. This thought believes that, even in humanity, there are
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