Analysis Of York University 's Human Resources Practices

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Analysis York University’s Human Resources Practices
Of Training and Development, Performance Management and
Course Name: ADMS2600 Section D
Professor: Gordon Wang
Group Name: Seven Up
Group Member:
HUICONG LIU(211199676)
JIONG ZHANG(213178355)
WENQI LI (212099594)
HYUI KIM(209387804)
YUCHENG LI(213229380)
LIXIAO XU(213236914)
Date: Aug. 5, 2014

Training and development-Section A
York University’s training is a process that considers repeating the four steps to achieve monitoring through evaluation, which are assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation relatively. York University monitors training and development by different methods and implements these monitors based on different values that the organization wants to achieve.
Learning method
York U’s doing
Values to Organization
Monitoring method
New employee Orientation
Survey, interview

Computer software skills
Learning, Results
Tests, actual performance, ROI and Benchmarking

Academic advisor development, Management development
Learning, Behaviors, Results
Tests, interview, observation, Actual performance, ROI and Benchmarking
Accessible customer service
Learning, Results
Tests, actual performance, ROI and Benchmarking
On the job experiences/training
Office Assistant training
Learning, Results
Tests, Actual performance

Strengths and Weakness
Learning method
Good quality; face to face feedback and discuss with classmates;…
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