Analysis Of Zach Inglis 's Scene Breakdown Of The Film

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In examining Zach Inglis’s scene breakdown of ‘Better Places to Go’, the document gave an overwhelming sense of dialogue and plot rather than a scene-by-scene breakdown of the film. I noticed that this document is a scene breakdown and treatment combined which was not the task, making it difficult to mark. Some issues within the document that I wish to raise are formatting (abiding by editing house requirements, audio), the structure (layout, scene consistency), writing (readability), and characters (setting up the protagonist, inclusion of characters). The mere physical format of the scene breakdown does not adhere to the standards of the document expectations nor the task set. Within the document, there are some formatting issues, the inclusion of scene numbers, which would be helpful to find examples within large bodies of text and the consistency of spacing between scene headings and paragraphs. This will allow the reader’s eye to rest. The opening scene sets up the film and has been executed well in order to visualize the setting. However, I found a number of structural elements that I am concerned about in this document, one of them is recognising new scenes for example when leaving the bandstand scene, we are back at the diner with Judy, alone; this is done without dividing the scenes. This is also repeated when Judy is in the kitchen and it cuts to another scene without leaving the current one or acknowledging that the kitchen scene is a flashback. This makes

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