Analysis Of Zamyatin 's Decision On Reference Mathematics And Religious Tales

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Zamyatin 's decision to reference mathematics and religious tales throughout We creates for a more relatable and impactful story. His allusions to different religious tales creates a bridge between his story and his readers. Much like it was greatly prominent in his life, mathematics was also greatly influential in the novel, acting as rhetoric and description. One of the most influential factors Zamyatin utilizes within We are the languages of mathematics and religious folk lore. Zamyatin uses mathematics in many different ways throughout his novel. Its role within the citizens of OneState is just one. The use of numbers as identifiers for the citizens is an interesting concept. The association of numbers with genders was an idea developed by Pythagoreans. Odd numbers were considered masculine, whereas even numbers were considered feminine. This concept is made notable in the novel where the protagonist, a male by the identity of D-503, is given an odd number. This can be observed throughout the entirety of the novel with other male characters; R-13 and S-4711. The same concept can be seen among the female characters of We, given even number identifiers; O-90 and I-330. Zamyatin not only used numbers as gender modifiers, but also vowels and consonants. Much like the numbers, vowels are considered masculine, and consonants considered feminine. The exact thought in using the letters this way is undetermined, however it can be speculated that the softer sound of…
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