Analysis Of ' Zits ' By Jim Borgman

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Everyone tends to almost always have a different perspective of the way they view every situation in this world. This shows us that things are often not as they first seem. With over 7 billion people on Earth, there is no doubt that everyone has their own way of looking at every detail of things out there. We all use social media today to some extent and are likely to come across several cartoons throughout our lifespan. Many of these cartoons that we see in front of our eyes on a day to day basis can represent thousands of words. Jim Borgman, an American cartoonist who is known for political cartoons and his nationally syndicated comic strip known as “Zits”, once drew this cartoon which shows that finding a job in the war is quite easier than finding a job nowadays for graduates. As you see on the left, the soldier is saying this to the graduate on the right in a sarcastic tone. As Jim Borgman 's cartoon shows, a poor economy in 2010 made it easier for graduates to find a war than a job because when joining the army, you are guaranteed a secure position, whereas if you go to college and work hard for a degree, you still have to search for a job position that suits you. Students and parents spend tens of thousands of dollars to the school systems in “investing” in what we all like to call it a bright future. After paying to obtain a degree, many often throw themselves into the army over the fear of not finding a job. Now nothing is wrong with joining the army, but joining

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