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Arguably, nation states are playing a less prominent role in addressing major sustainability challenges than before. To effectively address these challenges, do we need much stronger leadership from nation states, or is effective leadership more likely to originate from elsewhere? Individual Research Essay Iaroshevska Olga Office for Environmental Programs The University of Melbourne 20 October 2014 Tutor/unit chair: Arnould Gallois; Sarah Robertson Master of Environment Sustainability, Governance and Leadership Assignment 3 Word limit: 3500 Word count: 1095 Student Number: 707017 If we are to achieve a sustainable future the global society faces unprecedented challenges. The scale…show more content…
In most change efforts, those percentages are reversed. We continue to produce great managers; we need to develop great leaders” (p. 46). National, local and international organizations will confront such environmental challenges as adaptation to the climate change, designs of sustainable water, food and energy systems, developments of ecosystem services markets and protection vulnerable citizens from environmental injustice. Economic, scientific and political leadership is and will be required. Organizations and individuals are called upon to engage in practice of environmental leadership, required to ensure the survival of the Earth. Carolyn Egri and Susan Herman (2000) defined environmental leadership as “the ability to influence individuals and mobilize organizations to realize a vision of long-term ecological sustainability” (p. 572). The definition is grounded in the idea of difference between “traditional leadership” and “environmental leadership”, because last type of leadership is guided by a personal belief in the primacy of nature. Environmental leadership is a component of the New Environmental Paradigm (NEP), which seeks to recognize that human intervention in the natural processes may have unpredictable negative impacts (Dunlap at all, 2000).The NAP is a contrast to the Dominant Social Paradigm (DSP), that reflects the worldview of human domination over nature as a condition for
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