Analysis Of'saturn His Son, At The Museum Of El Prado Alongside The Other Black Paintings '

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I first saw this painting, Saturn Devouring His Son, at the Museum of El Prado alongside the other Black Paintings. My initial reaction was of fear. These are artworks that should not be simply seen in front of a computer screen. The thickness of the paint and the careful attention to details; these are things that are missed if not seen in person. Upon walking into the small room the first painting that draws the attention of visitors is this painting. Not only is this a grotesque piece in an otherwise frightening room, Saturn also looks like he’s rather enjoying this action, and his intense glare from his bulging eyes gives the impression as if you (the viewer) are the next target. The goal for this essay is to show Goya’s way of depicting events that have affected not only society but him personally.

It is a mythological subject that literally shows Saturn devouring his son. Light is very important as it focuses directly on the face of Saturn and the body of his son. It is a blinding light that leaves the dark background with a feeling of gloominess. The composition revolves around a single plane in which Saturn is placed devouring his victim. The dark background marks the sense of depth. Violent motion appreciates both his posture, and his mouth. His face reflects an expression of drama and tenebrism. The predominant color on the drawing emphasizes the dark tones that contrast with the clarity of the body of the victim. His deformity produces more drama in the scene.…
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