Analysis Of'sleepless On Seattle, The Communication Privacy Management Theory '

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In applying the above theories to the movie Sleepless in Seattle, the communication privacy management theory appears several times throughout the film. Annie has two contrasting experiences with privacy boundaries. Annie is engaged Walter, a wonderfully kind and gentle man, who absolutely adores her, but has an obvious character flaw with his constant talk of allergies. Annie gives the impression that she is incredibly happy with Walter when in reality she is quite bored with him. While Annie loves Walter’s tenderness, she can’t disclose her deep dark secrets with him, especially her doubts about their engagement and feelings of she’s just settling for what’s good for her and not the “magic” that Sam describes during his radio interview. She cannot stop thinking of Sam and Jonah after listening in on a talk-show radio broadcast as she’s driving one evening. Sam’s words are constantly on Annie’s mind and she begins to wonder if Sam is possibly her soul mate. With Walter she has a thick, impenetrable wall that is holding in her deep secrets. At one point, she hides in a closet one night while Walter is sleeping so she can listen to Sam speaking on the radio. When Walter catches her in the closet, she lies to him instead of confessing her apprehensions and obsession. Throughout the entire film, she struggles with herself for withholding this important information from Walter, but she has total ownership of that private information and does not feel the need to

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