Analysis : Olivia And Sebastian

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Olivia and Sebastian, a lovely couple who ended up together in an unusual way were sitting in their living room not 36 hours after their first son was born. Olivia’s face was glowing, so happy to be holding her brand new baby. “Isn’t he beautiful, Sebastian? Our very own little baby, Arlo!” Olivia said, looking from the child in her arms to her husband, Sebastian, who wasn’t as wrapped up in Arlo as Olivia was. “Oh, yes, darling. It’s so wonderful. When’s dinner?” Sebastian responded, not moving his eyes from the newspaper. “Sebastian, I just gave birth not two days ago! Could you make dinner tonight while I give Arlo a bottle? The doctors did say I need to relax and spend time with him. “Oh, it’s fine, Olivia, I’ll just have Maria come…show more content…
The thing that his parents did that really bothered him was that they would never talk about their problems with one another. They would let all their rage sit inside them until it all came out in the form of a screaming match. It seemed as though the didn’t even like each other anymore. Growing up, Arlo had many different ways of dealing with this. When he was younger, he would mostly cry or try to ignore it. As he became an older kid, Arlo discovered the power of words. He loved to read books and plays written by his favorite authors. When he ran out of books to read, he started writing. With words, he could do anything. He could write about the day he had, or the day he wish he had. He could write about a place where everything was plentiful and everyone was loved. Mostly, Arlo wrote about far off magical places with dragons and witches and fairies. Arlo had the power to create an entire different universe with a pencil and paper. He used that power a lot. He used it as an escape. One night, when Arlo was 12 years old, he was sitting on the couch writing a particularly action-filled short story about a witch who made a love potion gone wrong when his parents started fighting. As Arlo matured, his parents became less shielded with their arguments. They usually didn’t even notice when he was there while they were fighting. Tonight, Olivia was trying to tell Sebastian about Maria’s new triplets with Sir Toby, but Sebastian said he was
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