Analysis On Current Phase And Opportunities Of Red Bull Company

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This phase provides analysis on current phase and opportunities of Red Bull using

Situation analysis and SWOT analysis (see appendix 2). Authoritative writers like Kotler (1977), define marketing audit as an instrument to judge an organization’s overall commitment to a market orientation. Marketing audit helps in increasing the profitability of the company (Kotler, 1999).


i. The Company

The organization 's inside investigation manages the organization 's assessment goals, procedure, and capacities (Wikipedia, 2013). This assists the company to show the quality of its plan of action, whether there are ranges for development and how well the organization fits the outer environment.
The Red Bull
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It has seen a 60% rise in volume sales over 2007-2012 in parallel with a 64% rise in volume sales during the same period (Price, 2012). The combined value of sports and red bull sales in 2012 was around £1.2 billion and red bull accounted for over
80% of this figure at around £1.0 billion (Price, 2012). Red bull has outstanding performance as of 2013 in terms of sales, revenues, productivity and operating profits. These positive results can be attributed to the outstanding sales in the red bull market shown on the tab 2.0 below. These outstanding sales happened as a result of efficient cost management and the on-going brand investment;

Red Bull Market (Countries) Sales in percentage (%)
India +55%
Japan +32%
Turkey +18%
Scandinavia +16%
Russia +13%
Brazil +12% Also, Red Bull uses buzz promoting methodology as its principle advertising procedure. Its piece of the pie deals and request builds each year and deals are required to continue ascending in the up and coming year. The greater part of Red Bull‟s deals originate from circulating nations like Middle East, Far East, Europe and USA. Despite the fact that the interest for Red Bull has expanded, the company‟s piece of the overall industry in USA for instance has gone down from 75% in 1998 to 47% today (Robin, 2010). Because of that, Red Bull‟s mission for development is focusing on the center

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