Analysis On Jayson Mcleod 's Life

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Jayson McLeod has long held the belief that the world is what you will it to be. Under this worldview there is no fate or destiny, but rather a series of events intertwined with a preceding series of events. The Greeks once believed that the weather was at the whim of the gods. The Greeks later changed their worldview away from the notion that the gods control weather. From this they began to notice weather patterns allowing for safer sea trade which in turn brought prosperity to the Greek peninsula. It is this sort of cause and effect that shapes the world we live in.

Jayson’s family’s past is a large part of what shapes his belief in that the world is what you will it to be. His Father’s family is in a large part successful and stable
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Sharon 's biological father was horrid to her throughout her childhood. Sharon often refuses to make any mention to her biological father, but those she have been terrible. Sharon’s father would never be in her children’s life, but the impacts he had on her are still present in her life today. Sharon’s mother, Marilyn, has worked very hard to keep her family together. Marilyn has always been a caring woman with a full heart. Marilyn is the storyteller of the family with her grandchildren being her primary source material. Sharon is a mix of the good and bad in her life. Together Jayson’s mother and father have shaped who he is and how he see’s the world much how their ancestors before them have.

Since he was born on March 12th, 1994, Jayson has lived in two places, Prince Albert and Emma Lake. His community have been a part of who he has become. There is an endless list of stories Jayson’s summer spent at the lake. Growing up on the beach is a different way of life. Life on the beach moves slower and relaxed. Living at Emma Lake has cause him to live a life not worrying about things you can 't change and work on the things you can change. Rainy days have been some of the best days. Often Jayson and his friends would have grand plans for the day only to have the rain hamper their best laid plans. Rainy days were the days spent sitting on the porch having deep conversation watching the rain. To this day whenever it
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