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     In July of 1876, a man by the name of Samuel Clemens began writing one of the most important and influential works in America’s literary history. Under the pseudonym of Mark Twain, the work was begun as a sequel to Twain’s popular boy’s adventure novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. As he progressed in the writing of the sequel, Twain, an author already noted for his humor, cynicism, and American social criticism, began to lean away from strictly the boy’s adventure style towards a more serious, critical look at society. By the time Twain had finished writing the novel in 1884, eight years after it was begun, he had produced The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, his greatest work and possibly on of the…show more content…
As he is introduced to aspect after aspect of civilized society, from religion to table manners to the clothes her should wear, his “uncivilized” side, meaning natural and uninhibited side, causes him to question the practicality of society’s standards. As Huck has settled into civilized society, he has befriended a boy named Tom Sawyer. Tom, having been born and raised in civilized society, has never inherited the natural or uninhibited tendencies that Huck has been raised with. Through Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain satitrizes the apparent foolishness of a civilized person’s ethic and outlook on life, and specifically their tendency towards racism. In a specific scene in Chapter Two, Tom illustrates that natural tendency through his insensitivity towards slaves and members of the black race. In that particular scene, Tom wants to play a trick on a sleeping slave named Jim by tying him to a tree. He wants to do this simply for the intrigue and has total disregard for the feelings of the sleeping slave. Tom does not worry that he may startle or upset Jim; he is more focused on simply having fun. However, he settles on playing a trick on Jim. Tom’s insensitivity towards slaves exemplifies his inherent racism, due to the fact that he has been taught to disregard them through his inheriting the belief that he is superior to all members of the black race.      Another example of Southern society’s

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