Analysis On The Data Extraction Table

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The relevant articles were each analysed and placed into the data extraction table and two specific themes were generated in the process, and these include symptom experiences of HARRT and regimen complexity. The articles are critically analysed, themes discussed based on the evidence provided by the individual research articles.

Theme 1: Symptom experiences of HARRT.
A recent study by Graham et al (2013) in determining barriers to antiretroviral therapy for men who have sex with men in Coastal Kenya (MSM) found that MSM men and heterosexual men experienced poor weight gain and suboptimal CD 4 cell count (p<0.001 there is strong evidence of statistical significance however a p value greater than 0.05 would mean the result is not statistically significant (Finney, 2009). This article projects a vigorous analysis of statistical data collected and the correlation of the data using p values, thus proving the findings for the study to be reliable and dependable.
Despite the 60-question survey being completed in a controlled environment to reduce bias, in support to Jones et al (2011) theory that uncontrolled environments have increased risks of bias, Morse (2002) contradicts this theory by criticising a controlled setting for its potential to make a user anxious and befriend the researcher; which could influence the outcomes of their account. However the colour coding used in the survey to blind the patients may prove that the findings for the article are credible. Duggan…
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