Analysis : ' On The Go '

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In the early 2000’s, Scott F. Kiesling collected data on, and analyzed the use of the phrase ‘dude’. This phrase, used both in the 2000’s, and in the present time, acts as a form of familiar address. Patterns of use are established through examining both Kiesling’s data, and data collected exclusively for a course held at California State University, Long Beach. The data located in the appendix was amassed over a period of days. In contrast, Kiesling’s data spans over a period of years. Because there is such a vast difference between the author and Kiesling’s studies, there is a rather extreme difference in quantity of data. With the comparison of both Kiesling 's data and my own that the patterns identified in the 2000 's have continued well into the 21st century. The data collected in 2015 was, as previously stated, taken ‘on-the-go’, as the author went about her daily life. Therefore, the instances detailed in the index were heard at California State University, Long Beach, a small electronics retailer in Torrance, CA, and miscellaneous retail stores in both Torrance and Gardena, CA, visited sporadically during the dates of October 12, 2015 and October 19, 2015. It stands to reason that the places and persons the data was collected from are a reflection of the collector: a working student. For instance, much of the data collected was taken either inside CSULB classrooms, the campus library, or her place of employment. It was discovered during the course of the week…
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