Analysis On The Problem Of Edge City

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Analysis on the problem of edge city
The concept of edge city was first proposed by Garneau Joel, a Washington Post reporter, in his book, published in 1991. From this later on the edge of the concept of the city began to become clear. Due to the rapid development of urban economy, the huge increase in the number of population, the edge of the city gradually become the emerging trend of urban development, urban function in the space dispersion and regional network of combination, contributed to a new pattern of the city development. And this development to promote the urban spatial structure from single center to the evolution of multi center, forming a separate nodes in the network area is not only the city on the edge of the city and and the urban periphery produced inevitable connection and communication, is a new form of most developed countries more than urban center development. In this report, first of all, the background and the concept of edge city are described, and how to define the concept of edge city is described. Through the analysis of the case and data on the development of the edge of the city 's problems are studied and discussed, and the relevant solutions are given.

What is the edge of the city
Border cities are new forms of urban development in the United States, located in the suburbs of the former commercial center of the newly developed commercial, residential and employment center, these centers in 30 years ago or farmland, villages and residential
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