Analysis: Our Love Now

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Our Love Now Christine Williams The author of this essay will aim to establish how the poet uses psychological, physical and emotional parameters to convince his lover that their relationship is not dead. This poem could be classed as a Metaphysical Love poem. The poem ‘Our Love Now is a modern poem written by Martyn Lowery. The poem is an argument between two lovers and is written in stanzas where the man speaks first expressing his opinion and then the woman’s. The man is of the opinion that whatever has occurred within the relationship negatively can be repaired whereas it is completely the opposite where the woman is concerned. This is so ironical (physical parameter used by the poet) as there is no common ground between the…show more content…
This is reflected in the next stanza with reference to the cutting of the hair that with time it will grow (the man) however she agrees it will grow with time but in a different style, indicating that it will never be the same. In the poem ‘Rubbish at Adultery’ written by Sophie Hannah, negativity is optimised by the woman in this poem. First of all let’s look at the title of the poem! What is rubbish? Rubbish is often defined as a thing of no value. Yet this is how the woman portrays the action of this man and his attitude towards the relationship. She is very irritable towards the man and also very disagreeable. She lets him know that she is annoyed and angry at him for his pathetic excuse for whom he is (a dreadful swine). He is presenting himself in a manner where he thinks he has a conscience (emotional parameter) to gain the sympathy of the woman. She on the hand is having none of it and presents herself as a victim in this adulterous relationship, wherein society will only view her as the villain as she is knowledgeable of the fact that he is married. The comparison of these two poems is that one is more complex with a lot of metaphors whilst the other is a straight read down the page. ‘Rubbish at Adultery is written in a formal way with the exception of the use of ‘crap’ and ‘stupid, stupid git’ whilst ‘Our Love Now’
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