Analysis Paper 1

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Analysis Paper 1
Jennifer Lincoln
COUN 620
Liberty University
March 29, 2015

In regards to key developmental aspects of human growth in my life and as I integrate Erickson’s eight stages of development into my 48 years of life, I found that many of my transitional tasks were delayed, or not developed according to Erickson’s time frame. This might be due to the dysfunctional lifestyle, neglected childhood and promiscuous teenage years I had and it has taken me many years to develop my sense of identity, my sense of intimacy, and to change my behavior (Feldman, 2011). In the argument of Piaget he says that children at the age of three to five years think abstractly and this affects their motor
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My grandmother passed away when I was nine and I felt torn up inside because she was my strength and I felt that it was my responsibility to take care of my grandpa now (Lincoln, 2014).By the time I was ten I was an alcoholic and my grandpa got sick and they took him from the house and put him in a nursing facility. I had to go and live with my parents. I did not want to go live with them due to the anger, bitterness, and hurt I had within me toward them for not having me with them and I did not want to be with them so I started sneaking out going to clubs to dance. I love dancing because it soothes my mind. These were challenging and very difficult years for me as I wanted to feel loved above all else. The idea of wanting love led me to seek for it in all the wrong places (Lincoln, 2014). At the age of eleven I had started to really believe my parents did not love me. I never could understand why my two brothers lived with them, and I did not therefore I started being rebellious and promiscuous. I was too young to realize that this was a trick of the devil to stop my destiny. My life had become so difficult, and I was too young to realize that the thief comes not but to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). My sense of identity was never developed until I went to prison. At the age of twelve I began to meet men at the clubs and met a man who is still my husband today and we have six children and eleven grandchildren. At
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