Analysis Program Evaluation: A Study on the Impact of Learning

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Analysis Program Evaluation What was the overall evaluation / research strategy or design? In the article that was written by Roland (2008), researchers are examining the impact of learning comprehension on large groups that have 170 or more students. This is because many educators believe that when the class becomes this size that the total amounts of retaining key concepts will decline. As a result, researchers are focusing on how to turn these kinds of classes into places that will allow the professors to pass knowledge on to their students. While at the same time, it is helping to increase the total amounts of social interaction and how everyone is learning these ideas. (Roland, 2008, pp. 303 314) Why was this type of strategy or design selected for this study? The reason why this strategy was selected is because these tools can be used in a modern educational environment to address the most common challenges. It is also helping to show educators and administrators the kinds of tools that can be utilized to improve the effectiveness of learning comprehension inside the classroom. (Roland, 2008, pp. 303 314) What was the problem statement or reason for inquiry? How do you think this led to the author(s) choosing the particular design? The statement of the problem is that most classes have become larger over the last several years. This has hurt the quality of education that students are receiving. The reason why is because there is no way to have effective
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