Analysis : ' Proverbs 14 ' 12 '

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- Proverbs 14:12 - God took the show in my writing class. I took it from there. I carved-out my own new college degree path. I told God, “Step back God, I got this!” I wasn’t ready for what happened after He stepped back. Since I’ve matured and become wiser, I learned that our evil world is a tough place to find genuine friends. If you’ve ever had a person in your life that loved you enough not to dangle your mistakes in your face, that person was a true friend, but if you’ve never experienced the comfort or security of a true friendship, let’s peek at how an authentic friendship looks. Imagine meeting a person (for the very first time) and as time passes, you and that person grow closer together. The time you two spend together is so precious that the individual becomes your residential counselor. A residential counselor is a person who does not let you out of their sight. The individual accepts you and all your imperfections. That friend cherishes, upholds, and adores everything that involves only you. As you two grow older, the person remains near you throughout your life, and no matter what happens; the friend provides all your food, shelter, and clothing. This same individual also secures you from life’s devastating storms, and protects you from all your nefarious enemies, sounds like a true friend right? Now that you have imagined such a reliable person, envision telling
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