Analysis Report: Communicative Competence

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Analysis Report: Communicative Competence 1. The universal characteristics and limitations of language There are many limitations in communication and language especially in the written language. The background of the communication, for example when the conversation between Grace and Sarah many such features like implicature, linguistic code and the language level can be assessed. Before that can be done it is important that the fact that nonverbal communications may influence and understanding of the conversation may largely depend on the understanding of the nonverbal communications. There are nonverbal communications that take place and are often neglected in the study of linguistics. According to Portch (1985) the body communicates constantly both verbally and nonverbally. Though the nonverbal communication in this context cannot be observed, some common elements that could have implications in the conversation given for analysis can be seen by analyzing the non-verbal cues. Thus in analyzing the conversation the following points seem to be valid: taking that the conversation begins with the reference to a man, who would be cross with both of them: that being implied by the use of the term of his being cross with them. There can be many implications here. Someone was waiting for the women, and they were late. That must be what would be implied if the sentence was interpreted in isolation. But when the reply is given the conclusion is that they have tickets of the
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